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"Any self-respecting gadget junkie would line up for the Nomiku"
Tasting Table




We've designed the most compact immersion circulator in the world because your kitchen space is premium.



The intuitive Nomiku has one simple touchscreen and a knob to adjust the temperature. Cooking sous vide becomes an effortless experience.

Most Powerful


At 1150W, Nomiku is small but mighty. Our state-of-the-art heater brings water to the target temperature super fast.

Certified Safe


Nomiku alerts you when you are cooking in temperatures in the FDA Danger Zone and if there has been a power disruption in your house. Our machines are certified safe after passing through a battery of tests from ETL, a third-party testing lab.

Our power box design moves high voltage electrical activity away from the water.

Using Nomiku



All you need is a pot, water, and a zip seal bag. Clip the Nomiku onto a pot you already own anywhere in your home!


"Finally, a compact sous-vide appliance for the home cook."
Los Angeles Times

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"Kudos to Nomiku for making restaurant fare that is much more approachable from the home perspective."

In the kitchen




Taste eggs like you've never had before. Sous vide allows you to control the exact texture of your eggs. Try onsen eggs with custardy yolks or an other-worldly smooth scramble.

Meat & Fish


Cook the perfect medium rare steak like a top chef every time.

Previously impossible dishes like 72-hour ribs or silky salmon become instantly accessible.



When cooked at low temperatures, vegetables retain more of their nutrients and can be prepared perfectly "al-dente" all the way through.

"By making any pot in the house a sous vide with a portable device that can be stored in a cabinet, the Nomiku could be a great addition to a foodie kitchen."

What to cook

Our amazing community of talented homecooks is building a sous vide recipe database. Discover everything sous vide on BagSoakEat.com.

"Even better, you can use it in any pot or pan you've got, so your giftee's kitchen won't look like a science lab."