1 Clip Nomiku onto a pot.

It should clip on the far side of the pot and face toward you. We recommend using a pot that is at least 8 inches tall. Nomiku can circulate up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water.



2 Add hot water to the pot.

The water level should be between the “Min” and “Max” levels on Nomiku. As Archimedes taught us, the water level will rise when you add food to the container, so don’t fill it up too high.



3 Plug in the power cord.

The Nomiku “o” will appear dimly. Remember the outlet must be properly grounded, and you cannot use an extension cord. Be aware of where the power box and cables will be when you start cooking, as they should lie flat and away from anything hot.


4 Press the Nomiku screen.

Nomiku will come to life. The Nomiku logo will display briefly as the water circulation starts. The display will then show the current temperature of the water as a large number and the target temperature as a smaller number below it.

5 Turn the knob to set the temperature.

Turn right to increase the temperature and left to decrease it. The target temperature will adjust as you turn. To switch temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa, simply tap the screen. Temperatures between 4 and 52.2° C ( 39.9 and 125.9° F) appear in orange with a warning symbol. This is the bacterial growth zone or FDA “Danger Zone” and proper precautions must be taken. (See Nomiku Primer for more.)



6 Add your food and let Nomiku do its work.

Put your vacuum-sealed food in the water after the desired temperature is reached. Remove when cooked. Sear if desired. Eat. Repeat.



7 Turn Nomiku off.

Nomiku should be turned off when it is not in use. Press and hold the screen down for three (3) seconds to power it down.



8 Unplug Nomiku.

Now you can put it away.