Our Story

Once Upon a Time......

Chapter 1 / 6

A bucket and a plan


Frustrated by how out of reach and incompatible immersion circulators were for their home, Abe and Lisa hacked together a solderless sous vide system in their tiny Lower East Side apartment. Once they ate their first dish of perfect 64°C eggs on buttered toast, they were hooked forever. The delicious custardy yolks and the soft silky whites were just begging to be shared with family and friends and they knew they couldn't be the only ones who wanted to eat these flawless dishes at home.

Chapter 2 / 6

Rolling up our sleeves:

The Ember Kit


Abe and Lisa took a class on Arduino and soldering at NYC Resistor and were amazed to discover that there were free-wheeling creatives that were starting a hardware revolution called "Makers". They loved the energy and support their new friends gave them and decided to make a DIY sous vide kit called "The Ember" to contribute to the Open Source community that inspired them so much. It's an Arduino-based little box of magic that lets you hack any kitchen appliance with a heating element into a sous vide machine!

Chapter 3 / 6

To China!


Although we love our Ember Kit, it has a very limited reach to only those who own solder guns and aren't afraid of high currents. To make an appliance suited for our friends who are just into food, we applied for a 111-day program for mass manufacturing in Shenzhen, China called Haxlr8r. We toured factories, sourced parts, and learned so much so quickly that our heads spun everyday.

Chapter 4 / 6

Bam! Thailand!


During the last month of Haxlr8r Abe and Lisa were sufficiently burned out and called their friend Bam in Thailand to see if he wanted to chill. Abe and Lisa had met Bam previously at one of their classes on sous vide hacking. Although they were supposed to be on "vacation" Abe and Lisa couldn't help gushing to Bam about their new ideas for immersion circulators and quickly discovered Bam had an industrial design degree from RISD as well as a degree from the French Culinary Institute. After a week of good noms in Thailand, Bam returned to China with them as their design co-founder.

Chapter 5 / 6

A plan & a wedding


Abe and Lisa had gotten engaged long before Haxlr8r was a twinkle in their eyes and before they knew it, it was time to go back to New York to get married. They cajoled and corralled their wedding videographer to help them do a Kickstarter video with the prototype they had brought back and launched the campaign a week after they were pronounced husband and wife. The Kickstarter was 300% successful and truly "kickstarted" their company.

Chapter 6 / 6

Present Day


Currently Abe, Lisa, and Bam are in San Francisco shipping Nomikus! Updates on their progress can be found on Facebook, @Nomiku, and their blog. They are very grateful to their supportive Kickstarter backers and amazingly active Nommy community!