New WiFi Nomiku

New WiFi Nomiku

$199  $249  


Ships the next business day for orders in North America.

International (240V) orders should preorder a WiFi Nomiku for shipment in Q2 of 2017.


Temperature AccuracyWith a temperature accuracy of 0.2°C (and a stability of 0.01°C), over- and undercooking are things of the past.
Long-Lasting Heater Nomiku’s unique, patented heater brings the temperature up quickly and, unlike the competition, never burns out.
Wireless SyncSyncs with iOS and Android smartphones for step-by-step recipes, monitoring, and updates.
Dishwasher SafeBottom sheath is removable and top-rack dishwasher safe.
Circlulation CapacityNomiku can circulate up to 10 gallons of water at a time while keeping the temperature perfectly stable.
Remote CookingOur app for iOS and Android smartphones controls Nomiku from anywhere, even outside your home network.
Companion Recipe AppEatTender controls Nomiku remotely and features an ever-growing library of step-by-step sous vide recipes.
2.4” LCD ScreenThe only sous vide device on the market with a large, front-facing LCD touch screen for safety and convenience.
Settings AdjustmentDesigned like a dial, use the green band around Nomiku’s screen to adjust the settings for recipes without your phone.
Front-Facing ClipA versatile clip keeps Nomiku securely in place along the edge of any pot at least six inches in height.

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