New WiFi Nomiku


The world's first wifi-connected sous vide device.

  • Brings top chefs and community into your kitchen with the Tender App
  • Use Tender to create and send recipes directly to Nomiku
  • Control Nomiku remotely from anywhere
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North American orders will ship the next business day. International (240V) orders should preorder a WiFi Nomiku for shipment in Q2 of 2017.

New features

Easier access

The only immersion circulator with a front-facing clip to give you direct access to the controls.

More compact, more powerful

The separate power adapter of the original Nomiku is now internal, with a larger display and more powerful heater.

Control remotely

Use Tender to create and share recipes as well as control your Nomiku when you're not in the kitchen.


Tender is full of crowd-sourced, verified recipes to provide you with inspiration and direction.